Which countertops work for you?

You may already know how important countertops are in your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project for visual appeal, durability, and lifespan. However, each product offers characteristics and benefits, so one could serve you better than the others. If you're new to the remodeling process, allow us to provide information that could help you create the perfect remodel.

Kitchen countertops

We prepare and serve meals in the kitchen, unload groceries, do the dishes, do homework, hobbies, and host get-togethers. For all these purposes, it's important to have surfaces that stand up to all the activity that goes on in the room. Therefore, durability is crucial when choosing your kitchen countertops, and each material offers characteristics that provide certain levels that bring the benefits and characteristics you need.

We also know how important these pieces are to match your existing décor and provide trendy results that keep you current longer. So, choose materials, colors, designs, and hardware that match your interior design and promise years of beautiful ambiance. Let an associate know if you need help making these choices, and we'll work with you.

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Bathroom countertops

The added element of water resistance or waterproof features helps ensure the lifespan of your bathroom countertops isn’t cut short. With the added humidity in this space, this extra caution can save you lots of money over time since the pieces won’t require replacement as often. You can also choose materials that give you added resistance against scratches, chips, and cracks for better performance over time, so share your needs with us while you're here.
Countertops in Oakland, CA from Baila Floors

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Baila Floors understands that remodeling may not be the most exciting task on your to-do list, but we'll provide everything you need from start to finish. We have over 20 years of experience with countertops and put them to work to help you find solutions that fit your kitchens and bathrooms best. Then, when you're ready to find products that cater to every need, our professionals stand by to help you.

Visit our showroom in Oakland, CA, to browse our extensive inventory of products and listen to our associates tell you which services go best with them. Our goals are to bring your dream spaces to life, primarily when they cater to essential aspects of your lifestyle. Our service areas include Oakland, CA, Berkeley, CA, Palo Alto, CA, San Francisco, CA, and Hayward, CA, and we’d love to provide your countertops too.