Bathroom conversion


What is a bathroom conversion?

You may have heard of options for a bathroom conversion as you shop for remodeling options for your home. This service includes transforming your bathroom from what it currently is into something else. It often focuses on tubs and showers, though other elements are usually included based on your specific requirements, so consider the following information.

Shower-to-tub conversion

Homeowners choose to convert their shower into a tub for many reasons, especially if they care for an elderly family member. Tubs also add comfort, beauty, and style to areas that once were plain and dated. You will have extensive options for shower-to-tub conversions of all kinds that cater to your every need, with opportunities for customizations that include lighting, seating, pull bars, and custom doors.

Some say tubs are out, which may be true for current trends. However, if you prefer or require a tub, that means a tub is what's best for your household. Weighing your requirements and preferences against current trends may yield trendy results but be prepared to choose your best over what's "expected."



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Tub-to-shower conversion

As homeowners age, a tub-to-shower conversation can become the best choice for mobility and safety. It also helps by decreasing your maintenance requirements thanks to less space for water to seep under the flooring and behind wall spaces. That means fewer repairs and less chance of mold and mildew becoming a problem.

Many homeowners use the shower conversion by adding spa-like features and stunning visual choices like tile and glass. These products are easier to clean and offer better protection against water damage and stains. The fact is that this bathroom conversion is gorgeous and matches any décor scheme you have in place.

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When you're ready to change your bathroom, Baila Floors is prepared to step in and help create solutions for every need. Our more than 20 years of experience will remove the hassle and stress, no matter how large or small your space, leaving you with outstanding results. Share your requirements and preferences with our staff members, and we'll get started on your bathroom immediately. You'll find everything you need right here in our Oakland, CA, showroom, with consultants and bathroom conversion technicians ready to work for you. If you're a resident of Oakland, CA, Berkeley, CA, Palo Alto, CA, San Francisco, CA, or Hayward, CA, we’re ready to work alongside you. Stop by anytime to browse our extensive inventory and ask for a free estimate for your service.
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