What are the benefits of cork kitchen flooring?

What are the benefits of cork kitchen flooring?

When you choose cork kitchen flooring, you'll find many benefits. With a professional installation, they could serve you well for over 40 years or more.

It's worth your time to look deeper at the benefits that could help create your best results. If you've never experienced cork flooring, you're sure to enjoy what you find.

The many benefits of cork flooring

There's no question that these floors are some of the most comfortable. They are soft underfoot, with compression and "bounce back" properties.
Outstanding durability includes crack, abrasion, and liquid resistance. Cork flooring also resists mold, mildew, vermin, termites, and combustion.

Practical and visual benefits

One of the most impressive features of cork flooring is that the visual goes through the body of the material. So, as the floor wears, you lose no visual appeal in the process.

You can enjoy any one of a variety of styles and features like size and format. You can create a look that complements any decor scheme, so browse for the best options.

When safety matters, choose cork

Cork floor tiles
could be your safest flooring choice. The materials are fire-resistant, only igniting at extremely high temperatures.

They also resist melting under all but the most extreme temperatures. And you'll even find them to be slip-resistant, reducing slips and falls in damp areas.

Choose your cork flooring today

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