Laminate Flooring in Oakland, CA

Why install new laminate flooring?

When carpeting or hardwood floors don’t seem to match your vision, you can opt for laminate flooring as an alternative. But why? What makes laminate better than other types of flooring materials?


Many people choose laminate because it’s more affordable when you have a limited home décor budget. After all, why pay for expensive hardwood or stone flooring if you’re not going for the luxurious, eloquent look?


If you’re looking for a minimalist, simplistic appeal, laminate flooring is ideal, and here’s why you should strongly consider installing it.

Easy to maintain, easy to install laminate flooring

The main problem with other flooring is that it gets damaged and weathers over time, eventually requiring repairing or replacing. But laminate is much easier to maintain and lasts longer than similar-looking materials.

Laminate material options

It's an all-too-common misconception that laminate flooring doesn't come in many varieties of colors. In fact, the truth is the opposite because laminate floors come in 57 different types.

At Baila Flooring and Deco, we can install any style of laminate flooring in Oakland, CA, including popular choices like: Matte Finish, Gloss Finish, PVC Finish, Acrylic Finish, Textured, Metallic, Exterior Laminate & more!

No matter which material you choose, the main problem you'll face is finding a reliable, reputable installer of laminate flooring in Oakland, CA, as well as the Bay Area.

What to Look For In a Laminate Flooring Installation Company

Essentially, you'll want to find a flooring installation company that knows how to install laminate correctly. Otherwise, the flooring won't last as long and could need repairing sooner rather than later. That's why we're the best choice in the Bay Area when you need reliable installation from trusted pros.

Best new laminate flooring california

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