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The Antique Impressions Brand


The Antique Impressions brand of exclusive hardwood flooring is a distinctive expression of individuality. Being unique in the industry, we are committed to bringing original handcrafted flooring niche products with value that is unequaled in todays marketplace. The entire line of Antique Impressions flooring, designed and manufactured by Creative At Home, is made with strict adherence to our core principles of quality, originality, and service.


The Castillo Plank Collection recalls the magnificence of medieval Europes finest households. Our skilled artisans individually handcraft each plank to create a unique timeworn appearance, infusing history into modern spaces. Made with premium wide rustic grades of North American hickory, white oak and walnut, the Castillo Plank Collection is a bold statement of rustic beauty.


The Estate Plank Collection is an expression of timeless elegance. Using premium, rustic grades of North American wood, our artisans add hand-sculpted and wire-brushed textures to accentuate the woods everlasting appeal. The Estate Plank Collection is the perfect choice for achieving a classic wide-plank flooring look.


Familiar, yet contemporary. Rustic, yet chic. The Cascadia Collection uses only selective graded, tight grain wide width Douglas fir to create a bold, beautiful statement that emphasizes harmony, comfort, and style.


Our Reclaimed Heart Pine Collection is made from genuine, century-old reclaimed heart pine lumber. The slow growth and natural aging of the wood creates its characteristically beautiful golden auburn hues and rich patina. Authentic features include nail holes, wood plugs, chiseled bevels and a pronounced grain pattern – a true testament to its history and irrefutable value.


Inspired by the chalets and mountain villas of the French Alps, the Belleville Plank Collection is an expression of centuries-old charm. Our skilled artisans hand select superior quality boards of rustic red alder and transform them into uniquely textured masterpieces.

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